As we approach E3, none of us for sure know what the next step for Nintendo can be.  For us who have been following the company for any length of time will know that Nintendo are a company that takes their own direction, they either miss the boat or create new legacies.  No one can fault the company with this though as it shows a company who isn’t risk adverse, they create ideas and follow them to the nth degree.  To be a fan of this industry is such a rollercoaster experience that everyone enjoys whether that is through the unfulfilled anticipations or the glorious highs of seeing the next big thing.

Well these days Nintendo certainly are in an interesting position, they are number 1 in console sales with or without the core user audience, also having high software sale rates doesn’t hurt either.  But how do they convert this into future success, to be honest only Nintendo can answer that themselves and time will tell if their strategies come though.  We can only be sure of one thing is that we won’t know what this is until the time comes that Nintendo will reveal it to us all, of course at some high profile press conference.

What we can do as fans and activists within the gaming community is convey our opinion on what should be the next step that Nintendo take.  I believe the collective voice would all chant, move forward not backwards.  This would be to start with a new console that is as fully fledged with the abilities that their outgoing console left the market.

Nintendo needs to launch with their console having abilities that would make certain features a standard within games being released on the system, without enhancing the console later in its lifecycle leaving it as an option for developers to implement or not.  The easiest example to transmit this would be WiiSpeak, with this being released 2+ years into the consoles life cycle leaves it as an additional option to include within software and the usual response could be that this is an ‘optional’ extra and if it cannot be fitted within timescales and budgets of development then it would simply be left out.

This would be in essence an Evolution of the Revolution, taking what we have and bringing it forward to a new era.  The system hopefully will be as complete as it should without a major outcry for a solution to the problem as akin to the ‘storage solution’.  My point would be in essence is that waiting for the services brought to consumers through the new system that were on the Wii would grow old fast but also consumers of the Wii wouldn’t see the value in upgrading to something that doesn’t provide all that the now obsolete system does.

One thing we can look forward to is the unveiling of the actual details of the system.  We know that Nintendo through the years of Wii being on the market have between tripled and quadrupled the spending on R&D over the years that Nintendo had the Gamecube on the market.  We do know Nintendo aren’t doing things as they used to, so to predict what’s going to happen won’t be as accurate as it had been, but let us all continue to ride that rollercoaster and enjoy every minute!