Well a while back I was searching through The Conduits promotional website (http://seeing-is-deceiving.com) for new videos, pictures and information. Through doing this I also had to decipher the new Drudge symbols that are associated directly to the english alphabet. Well from a little help with the already decoded messages on http://www.gonintendo.com I was able to further develop my list to have every drudge symbol next to the alphabet.

drudge symbols
(yes that is my crappy hand writing there)

Using this I was able to quickly decipher the text and find all sorts of goodies to do with the game and its story/conspiracy theory theme, and yes I now have the symbol for X but when I scanned this image I didn’t have it written down. But one thing I found I was confused by was a wallpaper that I had found. It was a wallpaper that had a partial symbol wheel surrounding the ‘All Seeing Eye’ that had associated alphabetical letter with them. This is because if it was right, I WAS WRONG, I couldn’t have that!

Special Conduit wallpaper from seeing is deceiving

Special Conduit wallpaper from seeing is deceiving

So I quickly opened up the High Voltage Software website, tracked down their email address and shot an email in their direction onto which it found its way to Joshua Olson’s computer screen.

It is indeed a mistake (or is part of the conspiracy?). We let Sega marketing know and they’ll be fixing the issue – thanks for pointing it out to us! Mr. Adams will be very upset to hear that a mistake has been made…

After a couple of other email exchanges, this morning I had to answer the door and received this in my hands.

postage envelope

Which within contained.

conduit t-shirt

A special The Conduit T-shirt signed by the majority if not all the team behind the conduit! I absolutely love the t-shirt, and I’m even more impressed that even though I live in Northern Ireland, their fan service holds no bars and they will do this type of thing for fans outside of the USA.
Thank you Joshua and thank you High Voltage Software, for paying the fans of the Wii with such great content that is craved for. I look forward to receiving my game on the 25th (game.co.uk usually deliver a day early) and I look forward to uncovering the conspiracy then blowing everyone to bits online! Come back here to my blog soon where I will have my Friend code!