Well I touched upon this in a previous blog that compared the 3 motion strategies by the 3 console manufacturers Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo had an Iwata Asks section available to view during E3 but it quickly disappeared from the internet but thanks to Nintendo Europe it has resurfaced and can now be read. I have a short extract from the interview that to me is the most important factor within this interview!

Iwata: I suppose the obvious question is: if it offers such huge advantages, why didn’t you use it in the Wii Remote from the very start?
Takamoto: We actually looked into the idea of including a gyro sensor at the very start of the Wii Remote’s development. But the idea was rejected due to issues of both space and cost which attaching a gyro sensor would entail.

Iwata: I see. But gyro sensors are measuring devices that have actually been around for a considerable amount of time, aren’t they?
Takamoto: That’s right. They were originally called gyroscopes and were used to measure angle and rotation speed in rockets and the navigation systems of ships. But they were very bulky instruments indeed.
Iwata: They’re fitted in the noses of aeroplanes as well, aren’t they?
Takamoto: Right. That’s the sort of size we’re talking about. And let’s not forget that they were also extremely expensive. However, with advances in MEMS technology, they have become smaller and smaller while at the same time becoming cheaper…

The Interview can be read in full here.


It does make for a worthwhile and informative read, it would be beneficial to everyone who either loves the Wii or has criticism of it to read!