So just for laughs I thought I would shoot off a “small” email to High Voltage Software about their upcoming game, ‘The Grinder’. It was generally about my thoughts on the IGN E3 walkthrough on Youtube. Well I’ll let you guys read what I sent to HVS;


I’ve been thinking about the grinder and how awesome the whole game appears.
I have a couple of thoughts that I’d like to share these thoughts with you guys if your willing to listen, which I know you are šŸ˜€

Well first off, The Slasher, great character, i dont think its been done before in all honesty. A thought though, as the influence is Jason, maybe after so long of a pursuit without out-running him mid attack he could disappear (of course when not on screen) This would give the impression of throughout the game it is the single same Slasher that pursuits you. In the IGN live demo i could help to see the slasher still trying to attack you from the high office within the warehouse while the battle with the first werewolf was happening, it kinda gave the opinion that he isnt so formidable if he cant climb and jump down to the floor like the player did. And the influence of Jason leaves me hoping of a Freddy Krueger style/armed foe that possibly crawls about like the lickers from Resident Evil/Voldo from Soul Calibur.

The werewolf, maybe its not possible on the hardware but it would be cool to see burnt spots of fur from setting him on fire etc. When a molotov cocktail was thrown on him he didnt seem to flinch maybe a few variations of an animation with him standing on his hind legs and howling out a painful roar. Also the explosions didnt seem to have any sort of affect on his balance even slighlty shunting him to the side.
I would love if The Grinder/Quantumn 3 engine was implementing a physics engine now, it would add so much more depth and feel to the game to have even a basic level of physics

I heard that a crossbow is being implemented due to fan request, well i doubt this would be a huge request but if a double barrelled shotgun was put into the game. A la shooting sports guns (over and under, not side by side) i BEG that its shape/texture is based upon either a Beretta DT10 or a Krieghoff K80. As a clay shooting enthusiast it would be a great throwback as these 2 guns are highly popular in the UK with world champions and international champions having them as the gun of choice.

Also an idea for another enemy type could be like the bug/parasite from Starship Troopers movies who multiplies within a host and then can send out one to enter and control a new host. As seen in ST2, or when killed/destroyed the replicates would burst out. Imagine a highly populated friendly area where theres an infected host, kill them and all these smaller parasites burst out, you can kill them before they enter a new host or they infect a new host and begin attacking you, of course this new host wont have any replication parasites to spread as they were just infected.

Well just some random thoughts.
I hope they have some inspiration in any form.

Yours, desperately waiting for July 10th UK Conduit release,

So to my surprise in return I got myself a really enjoyable and informative reply from Josh VanVeld a Senior Producer at HVS;

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for writing in, we hope you enjoy The Conduit when you get the chance to play! Your suggestions for The Grinder are some of the best I’ve received so far.

We’re already thinking along the lines of your ideas for The Slasher. Rather than encountering multiple Slashers throughout the game, we want to give you the feeling that it’s always the same guy and he can’t really be killed (except perhaps at the end, or under special circumstances). He appears and disappears in a cloud of dust, making him much more creepy and unpredictable.

For the Werewolf, I’m not sure if burnt hair is an effect that would be easy to pull off (and it would be a slippery slope in terms of representing visual burning damage on all the characters in the game), but certainly he should have a reaction to being lit on fire and behave differently in those circumstances.

We’re looking into ways to add simple physics that could be used to damage monsters (triggering a rock slide that crashes down on a horde, etc.), the engine already has support for this.

Over/under shotguns are a cool idea, they have a lot of character and look beautiful, although there are legal issues with licensing real-world weapons that don’t have military applications. That’s not to say it couldn’t be done, but we’re focusing a lot of our effort right now on designing weapons that have a do-it-yourself quality, as though they had been designed and purpose-built for killing monsters. If you have ideas for anything along those lines, please send them along.

The idea of an enemy that spawns smaller enemies on death is definitely cool and something we will consider. Thanks again and feel free to send along any other thoughts or suggestions.

Josh VanVeld

Senior Producer
High Voltage Software, Inc.

So guys, if your like myself and have any thoughts you have to share with HVS about ANY of their games, the best thing you can do is to spend 1/2 an hour carefully putting your thoughts on paper (proverbial paper as it may be) and send it off to
It may be one of the best things you could do, as your idea or suggestion could make it into one of the most highly anticipated games on the Wii in 2010!