NOTE: Hey I’m back, Oxegen was everything I expected and then some. Met some great people, an amazing girl, and had the time of my life. I look forward until next year, if I can go as it is an overly expensive trip. I think I’ve fully recovered, I have completed the story mode of ‘The Conduit’ and I will do a new post soon enough with my friend code for those who want it. Now onto the blog

So many of us if not all of us could point out what’s wrong with Nintendo’s online friends system, and yet remain quite pushed hard to find what’s right about it. The biggest problem is the friend code system, where we were promised before the launch of the system that the codes that plagued the DS’s online would be less of a burden with the Wii. We were promised that once systems are linked using the consoles friend code all subsequent games will be able to link without further codes, yet almost 3 years into the consoles life cycle you can use one hand to count the games that allow this, The Conduit and Mario Kart being the 2 that I have personal experience of.

How can this be resolved, well I highly doubt anything will change while we use the DS and it’s current iterations and the Wii. But a system should be developed for adoption into the successive consoles to be launched in the future. It should be a unified system that sorts and stores all data for a single user in a single account, it should be able to be accessed by consoles and handhelds alike.

People do exclaim that Nintendo should adopt an Xbox LIVE sytle system. But I believe Nintendo should maybe take the concepts behind Xbox LIVE and make it their own. We know Nintendo want to protect it’s online user against many of the things that may occur that are not suitable for younger users. And by all rights Nintendo would have the higher demographic of a younger user so it would feel the responsibility to protect these users.

So to me one of the biggest things that Nintendo could implement is an age verification system that unlocks a lesser protected/parental control online friends system. This can be done using an assortment of bank cards credit/debit etc. While doing so this will prompt the user to digitally sign an EULA (End User License Agreement) which would basically state that online experiences encountered good or bad is at the sole responsibility of the user. Nintendo would do its best to combat those creating a negative experience but are in no way responsible for any sort of compensation for experiences that occur while playing online.
This unlocked friends system would theoretically include the abilities to talk to anyone using the chat function, add friends from those you’ve met online in random matches, or add those whom you know and all they have to accept the invite. This would strike a resemblance to LIVE I would think but still this would not have the ability to communicate/add those who have not unlocked the verified system. Users trying to communicate with those who haven’t age verified or add them would be met with a message similar to “This user is not able to be contacted, please add as a friend using the dual verification system” in which the dual verification system would be what we have at the minute adding a each other on both Wii’s using the code.

I do hope Nintendo move away from the codes in option for a name, its much easier for friends to remember a name to add. This name would be that you have individually, no one else online would use that name and would be the base for your own unique identity.
I see this system having some sort of online internet based management system, how else do you expect to verify that the system you own is to be linked to the online profile? With the online verification it could get you to send an email from your system to a specific email address to verify that it is indeed your system to use. One thing I can’t quite work out is how to have multiple profiles linked to the system, but that’s what the brain men at Nintendo are for!

One thing that would make Nintendo’s profile unique is that in the same vein of bringing Mii’s to a friends house using a Wii Remote is that the account user data can be saved to a Wii Remote and when you go to a friends house to play the Wii you will have your online identity with you at all times. One thing that annoys me when I go to a mates house to play the 360 I hate having to waste 5-10 minutes downloading my gamertag data and then having to retrieve it again when I get home again!

So thats my thoughts so far on a single unified system with verification for the older user. I hope you’ve followed my track of mind up until now. I may re approach the subject sometime in the future. But I will leave you with a closing thought.
Nintendo have been successful in developing systems and software, but one thing they are hesitant about is online. I think they need to create a team that’s single task is to develop Nintendo’s online/WiiConnect24 similar to the Xbox LIVE team headed off my Major Nelson. Nintendo need to keep this team to work on their own, Miyamoto should have input but not the power to say ‘No’ your not doing that. One thing I’ve found over the years being a fan, and don’t get me wrong I love Miyamoto’s creativity, but he too many times have stopped things in their tracks. I feel that the biggest adversity to Online stems from Miyamoto, to move forward they need to hold him back from shutting things down where online and friends are concerned.