So in an Interview that surfaced a while back at CVG with Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare, VP at EA and group creative officer of the MMO RPG group he let drop what Bioware’s train of though for the Wii is or will be for future games.

There’s always talk of you guys being interested in the Wii. Why hasn’t a Wii game from BioWare come into fruition yet considering the Wii’s been massively successful for a fair while now?
Zeschuk: I think… we’re a little slow. No, I mean, the challenge for us has been figuring out what would be the best possible BioWare experience to deliver on the platform. We’ve done a lot of platform exploration – we’ve done our first iPhone game and we’ve done DS, so we’re always looking at platforms. But what’s been hard for us and the Wii is figuring out how to best match the kind of games that we make with the Wii experience.
The optimum Wii experience is a game where four people sit together on a couch and play.We’ve done multiplayer stuff in the past, but our optimal product always engages a player on an emotional level. I’m sure there’s ways to do that on the Wii, but we just haven’t figured that out yet. Once we do that we could very well do something on it.

Now I’ve purposefully changed the colour and underlined that specific line as it harkens home to me the most about what sort of project they may be coming up with. I for one do not want a multiplayer experience locally for the Wii. One of my most enjoyable games that I’ve had this generation has been on the Xbox 360 with Mass Effect, if you haven’t played this game, it’s a little hard to get into but it is SOOO worth it. I loved Mass Effect, and I want a replicated experience on Wii, that’s WHY I was excited for a Bioware game on Wii.

Never minding the fact that I don’t want to have to have people over to play a game to get its full experience. Imagine if Mass Effect required other players to play as your other squad members and not AI? Would it have been the same? HELL NO. I’m the type of gamer that gets slightly irritated watching other people play because it’s just, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just not how I would do it. And then trying to play a serious game with 3 other people is not going to happen, at least with AI I can shout at the game and grunt without falling out with or upsetting friends. You know you will shout at someone when you want to do something important and they decide to muck about!


I want Bioware to make a deep, well written and narrated masterpiece that they did with the likes of Mass Effect. I wish they give me the single player campaign that rivals anything that Nintendo could muster up with their first party franchises, as one of the only development houses there is out there Bioware are able to rival the experience and quality that Nintendo gives on their home platforms.

Multiplayer may be well and good as an option, local and online, but I crave an experience that encapsulates me and brings me into the world, interacting and reacting to everything and everyone around me. Also, are there any squad based games out there on Wii that you command? Are there RPG FPS’s? Are there even a deep and expansive world games that are on the scale to that of Mass Effect? I’m not entirely sure, but if Bioware brings that to the table, even if it doesn’t include an FPS element, there is a Day 1 sale right here! And a little bit of sex, if it fits, doesn’t harm a thing, so why not 😉

Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but that’s what the comments section is for! Tell me your side!