Video Standards Council and PEGI logo's

Video Standards Council and PEGI logo's

Well the simple answer to this is the same as always. The Video Standards Council (VSC) is the body behind which will enforce and have the power to enforce the ban on video games that do not receive a rating for retail. I have contacted the VSC for information and Laurie Hall gave me the following statement;

The VSC has been examining games and giving PEGI age ratings for quite some time now (since 2003) and therefore this will not be a new task for us. The changes (whenever they are implemented) will give legal effect to PEGI and what we have already been doing. As I have already said the changes will probably not come about until the first quarter of 2010. There is quite a bit of detail that needs to be resolved between then and now and we are in discussions with Government in this respect. Until everything has been settled we are unable to say what exactly the changes will be.

The power to ban is nothing new. It has existed since 1984. Until now it has been the BBFC who have had this power. When the VSC takes over the legal responsibility to rate games this power will switch to the VSC. However this power should be put in context. Over the past 15 years the BBFC have made only 2 banning decisions both of which have been reversed on appeal.

Looks like the BBFC will remain rating games until the new details can be sorted out, but it is safe to know that the new system is not completely “new” and it is in the hands of experienced professionals. Now the only thing I can see that needs doing is to explain ratings to parents and get parents actively involved in their kids purchase of games. This is the biggest thing holding the industry back, it is for everyone so there will be content for everyone, and parents need to be responsible as to not allow their children to get their hands on content that is not suitable for them. But I will leave that discussion for another day, blog.