Well this blog post may be something that a lot of people will wish happen but in true fashion may never.

What does Nintendo need to do to win back the bread and butter of the industry, shock and awe. The bread and butter I refer to is the consumer that purchases more than one game a month, who vocally express themselves insatiably, who go nuts over every title that satisfies their cravings in games.
Now I fully understand that Nintendo do have a large fan base, but the industry knows that the base on the Wii do not pick-up titles to the same extent as on other systems. The core fans of the Wii tend to stick stringently to Nintendo software, they find it hard to stray from this due to years of disrespectful treatment from 3rd parties on Nintendo hardware with poor ports, features missing and down right negligence for quality. Some of this is still true on the Wii even though it is the highest selling console.

So how do Nintendo solve the riddle, well they can’t necessarily solve it like a maths equation all they can do is take steps in the right direction to rectify and attract those who in the early years of the Wii’s lifespan were ignored for the attraction that was the casual expanded audience. I will try to outline the steps that Nintendo should investigate and take measures to attain these goals.

One thing is, put 3rd parties on a pedestal. How do Nintendo attract 3rd parties to have Nintendo exclusives and lead platforms with the perfected features and excellence throughout? By making them the focus of decisions they make, get them involved in giving specifications on what they want in the next systems that they will be developing for. Hell, even go to the biggest hater of the Wii Mark Rein and ask him at Epic what specifications will the next Unreal Engine need to run on, then go back and see if this can be implemented or how close they are willing to reach said level. Secrets can still be held but by tailoring effort to what developers want and altering these to a degree to help the consumer can work. Another thing could be their press conferences, this past few E3’s Nintendo have specifically chosen a few titles to showcase, this needs to stop, don’t pick and choose. Put 3rd parties out front showing off their own games. Nintendo are the shortest conference at the show and the only ones who do not bring out developers from 3rd parties. Lengthen the conference and let 3rd parties hype their games that they are tailoring for their system. Even better make the conference what it is meant to be about, the games, of course it is important to let the public know what the company is doing and how well they are doing it, but this can be easily done by handing out USB drives at the entrance way with a note for all press outlets to publish the data on their respective websites. This leaves more time for the show that makes everyone’s mouth water!

This takes care of getting the games that people want, which to me is half the battle. Another step is to create the console that gamers want.
You might ask, why do they not want the Wii. Well that’s simple, because they view it as “old technology”. The next console needs to be an advancement and not just an enhancement, by this I mean it shouldn’t be just a slightly improved and over-clocked processor chip set that was used in the previous generation of consoles. This should be done by default if they take heed to my previous step, because of course developers will be wanting the room in the system to be as creative and visually stunning. If Nintendo decide to have a powerful console, they will be able to use that to their advantage, but alone I wouldn’t think it would be enough to pull people away from the other systems.

What will though is a completely revamped operating system along with online, if Nintendo re-work their services offline and online they and they alone know how to take the attention away from PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Think of what WiiConnect24 could have been and what the Virtual Console/WiiWare can be. With accounts being linked to a Club Nintendo account there should be a central system for a single identity and control of purchased content for easy transfer between systems and handhelds. With what Nintendo worked through on their systems, we know that they can be creative enough to offer services that are unique but as fulfilling and as complete as the competing networks are.

Give the audience what they want, and splash the cash to do it. Nintendo have made a killing this past 3/4 years and as well as being the highest profit maker from last gen they should have a bit of loose change floating about that they can invest in end user enrichment of service. Shock and awe tactics are needed by Nintendo moving forward because they need to excite those consumers to which they have lost over the years.