Well saying as some of the readers of this blog, I know your there I can track the views per day 😛 saying as you all seem to be shy to comment on what I’m discussing or trying to discuss I’ve now switched on a rating system.

These things are fairly commonplace on the internet these days, so please if you like a blog post that I make give it a rating. I would use the thumbs up, thumbs down style rating but I just don’t like the look of the icons, the stars look ohh so much nicer. The way I will read it, average above 2.5 stars people liked it, average below 2.5 people didn’t like the post and I will kick my ass into shape to produce better material!

Some of you may not or may know that I am Irish, I live in a small town in Northern Ireland just above lough neigh. So instead of saying thank you once you have voted, I’ve changed it to the gaeilge version 😉