Well doesn’t that sound like a nirvana! Or so they are trying to convince Real Time Worlds of…

I’m a little late in discussing this but Ireland’s Sir Gerry Robinson at a Global Irish Economic Forum convened in Dublin a few weekends ago urged Ireland’s government to consider actively targeting the thriving games companies in Scotland through a 5 year tax holiday.  A 5 year tax holiday to companies fitting into the games industry would be a huge bait to development studios to locate in Ireland.

Now this could bring development houses over from Scotland and the mainland England to Dublins technology parks of within which you will find many big names including Intel and Microsoft R&D locations. But what I see as a more likely is expansion of already established development corporations as well as an explosion of home grown development houses.

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Real Time Worlds more than likely decide to start up a small support studio to offhand some of the development of APB to or any future projects. Others like Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA, and Activision will have the resources to expand to Ireland and take full advantage of the tax holiday.

For 5 years having to pay no taxes, what is not like about that, this with some research could validate setup costs. This would be the perfect time to test the pool of talent in Ireland and the attraction to potential employees to move to Ireland. Personally, living here, I know there are a lot of degree courses that would fit into the realms of developing computer games. Queens University Belfast have a wide range of graduates with degrees in Computer Sciences, Maths, Physics and others. While the University of Ulster are gearing themselves with multiple courses designed for games design along with the normal sciences, computer courses and art degrees. These courses are gaining popularity year on year, and these are only the ones in Northern Ireland never minding the many technical colleges here and in the south many more of the same and Universities.

The temptation to offer such a tax break is because clustered around Dundee with smaller studios dotted across the country, the sector already accounts for 700 jobs and £50 million annual turnover with the potential, as industry experts say, to grow up to 10 times bigger. With the recent economical downturn, coming of the back of the Irish celtic tiger economy boost, it seems to have affected Ireland heavily. Getting themselves established in a growing industry like Montreal in Canada or even Dundee in Scotland is important to getting Ireland’s economy back on track.

I personally think Ireland has already proved itself as having the talent for the games industry as one of the more prominent technologies in gaming was developed in Ireland. Havok physics, yup homegrown.