Well I thought out of curiosity to email channel 4 concerning their 4oD service. To me this is the 2nd most viewed online television catch-up service next to the BBC iPlayer followed by Demand5 (FIVE tv). Seeing as many UK citizens use the BBC service on the Wii and it caused a mass panic when the service outed due to the browser upgrade, I wonder how many of you would be interested in using the 4oD service on the Wii.

Now the 4oD service states that it requires Flash 9, the Wii has Flash Lite 3.1 which apparently is capable of Flash 9 abilities. Unfortunately the service still doesn’t work. Now this is what prompted me to email them through their contact service and to which I got the following, naturally bog standard, reply:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email regarding 4oD.

Unfortunately, the 4oD service is not available to Wii users.

There are currently no plans to introduce such a service.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

This disappoints me a little but then again I’m not surprised, it directs me to think about how we can let Channel 4 know we would want this sort of service, to make it part of their plans. Now a petition is useless in this situation as its nothing to petition against or for, but rather a collective list of names would be good to show en mass how many users this service could attract. But I also think it would be good to have each person who is interested in this service to email them, possibly using a standard email that’s would be the same no matter who emails it so as the message would be clear or just email them stating you would like to access 4oD on your Wii system.

What do they stand to loose supporting the Wii that cannot be gained back through revenue advertisement placements like they include on their web version of the player? To me it’s win-win. Then again I don’t know the intricate ins and outs of such a service.

So if you like the idea of such a service from Channel 4, please comment below to add your support. If a significant amount of people add their comments I will forward this blog post to Channel 4 support.

Saying as you have read this far why not check out this update!