So has everyone finally got their Sega Trinity?

Well as you can see I have finally done it!
I don’t care what people may say about these games, they are 3 of the best to me on Wii! I’m buying these simply because I want more games from all 3 developers, Platinum Games, High Voltage Software and Headstrong Games. I think these 3 developers have a LOT to give on the Wii and these games are a great footstep.

Also worth a shout is that Tesco’s and ASDA both have sales on at the minute with CD’s, DVD’s, Games and Books. I bought Madworld finally from Tesco’s for £10 and was ohh so close to buying Mini Ninja’s on DS for £15, as well as other games for DS including Professor Layton and games on 360. Happy Hunting through the January Sales for the games to complete your collections, and if you find some irresistible bargains, let me know so as I can check it out!