Michael Pachter on his new GTTV show ‘Pach Attack‘ was asked a question;

Now that the iPad has been announced, do you think the device will impede on the console market space?

To which he give a reasonable response to about how maybe in 5 years it will start to contest in the space of the consoles but gives a “yes” to the case of the DS and how it is a better device to play portable games on. Well many of us would argue till were blue in the face about what is a better device to use for portable gaming. But that is not part of my counter argument.

To me I don’t think that the iPad will impede the DS or encroach on its market base, due to the simple fact that the iPad isn’t appealing to the DS consumer base, it appeals to the Apple fans, those who buy all apple products they can get their hands on. THAT market is the initial market that will purchase the iPad, the iPhone is so popular is because its a phone, the iPod is popular because it (to me) the easiest and best serviced portable music player on the market. But the iPad does nothing new, it doesn’t eliminate the need for an iPod, it doesn’t do anything terribly better than the iPhone apart from the benefits of a larger screen and better processors.

The gaming culture of apple products with the iTunes offerings, I believe that those who purchase the iPad will only expand the market of iTunes. There has yet to be games made available on the iTunes store with the depth or quality to that of what DS games are capable of, until such a time comes that the app store’s games are of such fidelity to compete on a graphical, depth and processing ability to that of games available in portable gaming THEN it will cause console manufacturers to worry. But I doubt this will be the iPads doing, more than likely it will be the iPhone’s successive iterations that cause a shift in the markets.
After all, which product has the potential of a bigger market base? To me it will always be the iPhone, not the iPad as consumers will choose the iPhone over the iPad.

Thirdly, I firmly believe with successive handheld consoles from Nintendo and Sony they will not move fully away from retail hard copies of games, but they will also expand their online options as well with app store competitors. They will offer developers the ability to offer app’s or mini games through digital distribution services similar to DSiWare and Playstation Network (and Mini’s) but greatly enhanced. To do this I do see relaxation of pricing structures to allow games to cost anywhere between Free and ~£10.

Also, the DS life cycle is about to end, it wont be long until we hear about the successor, then we will all know Nintendo’s direction with digital services and their willingness to compete with the Apple market and the apps store.