Sorry about my hiatus from my usual commentary on events and the likes, but things have been a bit busy here in the “real world”. But onwards and upwards!

So GDC or other events didn’t bring the announcement of the new DS, but it did bring rumours from developers who are already developing on the system. Gamecube+ graphic capabilities (Tegra 2 confirmed), seamless dual screens, motion sensors and ease of development.

Other things did happen, one of which would be the announcement of the Playstation Move. I had a quick back and forth with a BBC correspondent, Maggie Shiels, over twitter.

maggieshiels:#gdc #sony big line at concourse centre for sony motion controller anouncement
weeman_com:@maggieshiels its hardly an announcement if we all know about it already :p besides we have the Wii, what more do we need…
maggieshiels@weeman_com big news weeman_com its called the MOVE!
weeman_com@maggieshiels thanks for the reply, but honestly, from what I’ve seen and read by biased editors online, it offers nothing more than the wii
maggieshiels@weeman_com yeah a few of the people i spoke to at the launch agreed.

Now that I’m just thinking about the Playstation move, I think they’ve done a good job in creating the device and all that surrounds it (software, marketing etc.). Even if it somewhat is ripping off Nintendo… but what irks me the most is the reporting on about it, for instance part of what I read on Kotaku. I don’t read much elsewhere for industry wide news, but ffs. Its like open-market games are acceptable now because Sony are doing them, and they are nitpicking every little detail to try and find some little (if what false) reason as to why the ‘Move’ is better than the Wii controllers. for instance this paragraph

-The Z: Without a Wii MotionPlus, the Wii Remote cannot accurately sense depth.The Wii’s sensor bar doesn’t know how close the player is standing to their TV, nor can it recognize movements toward or away from it. The PS3, however, can detect such movement in the Z-plane. It does this thanks to the sphere at the end of the controller. If the player moves the Move toward themselves, the PlayStation Eye camera sees the sphere shrink and therefore knows the controller has been moved in the Z-plane. Clever. [UPDATE: Readers point out that a standard Wii Remote can sense some depth. I have even played games — a long time ago — that ask for the Wii remote to be pulled in or out. I never found that detection to be all that precise and believe the PS3 Move, based on how the tech was described to me, should be able to detect Z-plane movement more effectively, without needing to be pointed directly at the TV, as the Wii Remote must be.

That’s utter bullshit (lack for better words), the camera would not track the “size” of a ball any more accurately than the wiimote camera can track the distance between LED’s on the sensor bar. Its from this article How the playstation move is not a wii remote even the article title pours with bullshit. It may not be a carbon copy but it is pretty much a sony copy and paste, much like this image tries to convey.

Now don’t get me as a Sony hater or Nintendo Fanboy, but honestly, how many Playstation Fanboys were happy or excited at this presentation. I’ve read through some forums and seen comments like “this is nintendo’s fault” and then some that really took it to the extreme. But if this helps the industry as much as the Wii has kept it alive, then I welcome Sony’s Move and cannot wait to see what it will bring to the table that is unique and not been done before on Wii.

There hasn’t been much news in the way of the Xbox 360, bar that of February’s NPD numbers which it outsold the Wii for the 2nd time since the Wii’s launch. But this is kinda intriguing due to the fact there were no significant releases to bolster those sales numbers, Bioshock released early February and managed over 500,000 unit sales, the numbers don’t scream blockbuster title to drive console sales, but something must have been going on somewhere. Both Nintendo and Sony are talking about production issues and retailer stock supplies, but this has been a recurring situation throughout this generation, it just makes me wonder what are the suppliers going to do to alleviate this problem in the future for further generations to come or are they not going to bother?

Anyways, this has been a mixed bag of an update, I’m not quite sure when the next one will be, I intend to do a BBC iPlayer update on the 18th for its 4 month marker. But the way things have been going here, I don’t know what exactly will come my way tomorrow.