Hey Guys, it has been a while… but I fully intend on bringing more blogivity from my crazy industry mind!

So, Nintendo. Yes. Them guys.
They are still at it would you not believe!
They know how to capture the hearts and minds of the casual market, they bring forward new ways of experiencing gaming and this enthrals the imagination of the public. Yesterday I was telling my store manager about the 3DS, he hadn’t heard of it yet, and he genuinely got excited about it, the idea of glasses-less 3D. Maybe because it was the idea that it would bring a burst of sales revenue to the store but maybe it is a trigger showing that Nintendo have yet struck gold in capturing the minds of a casual gamer!.

But if they have the know how on how to capture the casual audience, in a way that would guarantee the popularity of the device how are they testing the market? Nintendo have churned the ‘Blue Water’ they have stirred up the market and drawn from the woodwork the audience that will sustain their business needs. The ‘Blue water’ in essence has become murky, dies a little more shade of red than it used to. Meaning that there is little more room for expansion within it.

I believe that their strategy now, with the 3DS is to see what they can do to recapture the core gaming audience. They are exploring several strategies with the 3DS, things that should attract gamers as well as the developers. Higher processing power this is probably going to appeal to the graphics audience out there, because simply put Resident Evil: Revelations looks beautiful as well as Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, two of my highly anticipated games.

Lets put it this way, Nintendo need to grow the high returns market. The core audience are the ones who buy 10-12 games a year if not more they drive software attachment rates. So by playing to the ideas that this audience want, in Nintendo’s own way, they are testing the market as to what will work and what wont. By making such a piece of tech that ALREADY has key developers franchises being developed for the system is a vital component. They have won the minds of developers, they are getting support that they could only have dreamed of a generation ago. By having this, it will bring in those gamers who want to play these games and franchises. If growth and developer support can be sustained, Nintendo would be in key position to expand its offering to the core audience while still maintaining the casual crowd with evergreen software and unique ideas.

But the question remains, can Nintendo satisfy the core audience as well as the casual consumer?