Hey guys, it has been a while, just finishing up *hopefully* with my degree with exams to come in May.  What does that mean, well it means that I’ll have some time after May to properly kick back off in this blog with what ever comes into my head.  I just wanted to give a wee update on my thoughts of a Wii 2.  Also for those wanting to keep track, any other random thoughts on this I may tweet about but I will hashtag it with #projectbutterfly because I by far prefer that to the ‘Wii2’ moniker. EDIT I could be using the hashtag #Projectcafe instead if LINK is to be believed.

I have for a long time believed that Nintendo would release a new console in FY 2012/2013, tending towards the end of the year rather than the start. So if Nintendo did in fact announce a new home console between now and E3 in July, looking at the usual 18 month cycle between console announcement and release, that would give us a release date of between October 2012 and January 2013. Leaving an announcement now completely plausible, even though with the recent release of the 3DS I find myself a bit stunned by the rumours already, I wasn’t ready for it.

Now moving onto the nitty gritty, here are a few “rumoured specs” taken from GoNintendo

  • launch titles from third-party developers are in the works right now
  • all-new controller
  • controller features a built-in HD screen
  • Blu-ray as the main optical drive

“Nintendo’s plans sound unreal. Publishers are already planning launch titles and it’s all very exciting. The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii. The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it.” – inside source


  • console is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  • Nintendo is looking to recapture the hardcore market
  • 1080p resolutions
  • Nintendo will release a pre-announcement this month
  • full reveal expected at E3
  • backwards compatible with current Wii software

Well there’s a really interesting bit of information. If the system is backwards compatible with Wii games, that either means you can use a Wiimote/Nunchuk on the new system, or the new system’s control scheme will be able to mirror that of Wii.


  • new system is capable of running games at HD resolutions
  • system may either fall short of or surpass 360/PS3 in graphics, but it will be competitive
  • Nintendo is already showing publishers the system
  • late 2012 launch
  • no word on backwards compatibility
  • no word on ‘Wii’ being in the name
  • when Nintendo was approached with this information, they were told that Nintendo won’t comment on their E3 plans, but “stay tuned”

“Nintendo is doing this one right. [It’s] not a gimmick like the Wii.” – anonymous source


Well, that’s quite a bit of information, to me its 100% unverifiable so should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. But what is to me more or less confirmed from corporate history and previous statements;

  • Console will utilise the 1080p display ratio
  • Console will have backwards compatibility
  • The console will NOT receive a full disclosure any time soon
And that is all that I would put my money on being correct.  I would hope that the system uses Blu-Ray media as it has such a large capacity, and I have yet to buy a Blu-Ray player for myself (though this could change between now and 2013…  I do not see the possibility of including a HD Screen on a controller, they have a handheld business and the new system the 3DS doesn’t even have a HD screen so think again.  Not ruling out the possibility of a screen nevertheless, maybe even a bit of touch control for custom button sets.  With the earlier in mind the system could have an all new controller, the backwards compatibility may say no changes to the controller, but maybe this is just in relation to the ability to use Wiimotes with the system to play Wii games.
Onto recapturing the “hardcore”, no this is not Nintendo’s strategy.  For years they have followed the Blue Ocean Strategy, this strategy has succeeded for them but in recent years the so-called blue ocean has become less a shade of blue and more purple-like (if you understand that its merging with the red ocean) so what Nintendo is trying to do is merge both markets and maintain share of these, by trying to meet things that both sides of the market may want they see the ability to regain some of the market they lost before whilst maintaining mass market appeal.  I cannot confirm this as we do not know officially their strategy, or their plans for the new console, but I would attest that this would be their underlying goal among strategy and corporate direction.
As far as system capabilities go, now that one is a pipe bomb.  To me I don’t see how Nintendo has turned around and said that after years of saying graphics don’t matter its all about the gameplay etc etc.  That they could turn around and throw out a powerbeast as some speculations state “significantly more powerful than a PS3” (I think it was on IGN’s Daily Fix video that said this).  Now I wouldn’t complain if they did do this as to put it simply it would be awesome, but I just don’t see it happening.  But do remember that the gaming press like to exaggerate  a little, remember they claim a NGP is a PS3 in your hands…
Working with 3rd party developers, that is what is being said, Nintendo are working close with 3rd parties.  They did it is 3DS, so why not?  Well they say they do these things but Nintendo tend to work with 3rd parties who say good things about Nintendo.  If you say something bad, or run their systems/company down, they don’t give you these privileges.  But that is where Nintendo need to consider maybe biting the bullet bill and just going for it, be outreaching and changing attitudes.  One company I think Nintendo need to get into their pocket again is EPIC, Mark Rein and that crowd don’t exactly have the most colourful things to say about Nintendo’s systems.  For instance Mark ran down the 3DS even before he had gotten hands on with the device.

But that’s where Nintendo need to step in, EPIC recently have started showing off their latest version of the Unreal Engine for the next generation.  What I believe Nintendo should have done is to visit them, with their technical team, gotten hold of the engine and tested it, spoke to their tech team and say “what would we need to do to run this engine on our system?”.  Plain and simple, go to the guys who make the engines that run the majority of cross platform content out there and say, what does our console need to do to play your games.
I am excited for this next few months not only because of Project Butterfly (if you haven’t guessed already that is what is known to be the code name for this new console much like Revolution was for Wii) but because of several other things going on in my personal life.  Exams in May, if all goes to plan, I graduate in July, along with our families sports venue hosting a Home International and British Open event in July.
Hope you all come back for more!
Have fun gaming! 😀