So Kid Icarus is now out and its caused a very much black and white split in impressions.  The problem with this game is the controls, people either get them or they find them highly awkward and frustrating.  But through my own experiences with this game I find the controls to be not perfect but usable.


The DSiXL stylus made all the difference for me, I started playing the game with this stylys because frankly the one that comes with the 3DS no matter what game I’m playing always feels a bit awkward and as though it will break.  The added size to the stylus makes the touch screen element of aiming in Kid Icarus that much easier to deal with especially as grip on the stylus is easier.  Because of this advantage over the smaller 3DS stylus I’ve been playing the game mostly without the use of the included stand for the 3DS.

If you happen to have this stylus lying around the house or if your local game store has one for sale at a reasonable price it is to me worthwhile to get and have lying about to use.  For those reviewers that gave the game hell for its controls, hopefully they would see this suggestion and retry the game, no need to re-review it but at least try all possibilities.  Then again we all could use Nintendo availing of the patching system built into Kid Icarus and update it to use the Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS.

Small Update, but I do intend to be back to the writing when I can fully commit. 🙂