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Well out of the blue arrives into everyone’s world with some information if falsified to hoax people it is an incredibly well thought out, researched and time consuming con. A person by the name of TapionVsLink has created a blog and contacted many media sources with their information.

GPGPU Neural Network Diagram

GPGPU Neural Network Diagram

They claim that the Wii GPU is in fact a GPGPU, this is the first instance in which I have come across GPGPU’s all of the associated tech is quite baffling to me.
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On the 18-9-09 I made this short video on the current abilities of the Wii browser and the iPlayer.  Since then I haven’t checked out whether the issues have been fixed.  But saying as my laptop at the time was Bamjaxed, I uploaded this using my dad’s computer, but unfortunately couldn’t access my blog through it…

…weird I know but passwords evade me 😛

Well I guess this should be the promt for me to go and check the player out now…

…maybe tomorrow 😀

Well E3 certainly showed that Nintendo’s direction of developing a new way to play was the way to go. Playstation demonstrated their motion/pointer controller that implements the Playstation Eye, along with Microsoft demonstrating their development of Project Natal. Within this blog update I want to look at all 3 of these motion schemes and determine who has won so far in the development and implementation of these.
I intend to look at 3 aspects to determine the overall winner, this is technology, usability and how far along they are in development.


Well first off I will say that each of the console manufacturers have whole heartedly invested in technology that can achieve a vision and do it well.
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Nintendo pioneered the move for console manufacturers to rethink control designs with the Wii remote. This was quickly and somewhat unashamedly ripped off my Sony with the Six Axis controller, we have Microsoft heavily hinted to release their new control scheme at E3 (you can read more about this in my previous blog). We have Tony Hawk’s RIDE coming soon for a rumoured $120 that includes a motion sensing board controller which is the only control option. It leaves me thinking, what about the other component of the Wii Remote.

Tony Hawk - Ride

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