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Well this blog post may be something that a lot of people will wish happen but in true fashion may never.

What does Nintendo need to do to win back the bread and butter of the industry, shock and awe. The bread and butter I refer to is the consumer that purchases more than one game a month, who vocally express themselves insatiably, who go nuts over every title that satisfies their cravings in games.
Now I fully understand that Nintendo do have a large fan base, but the industry knows that the base on the Wii do not pick-up titles to the same extent as on other systems. The core fans of the Wii tend to stick stringently to Nintendo software, they find it hard to stray from this due to years of disrespectful treatment from 3rd parties on Nintendo hardware with poor ports, features missing and down right negligence for quality. Some of this is still true on the Wii even though it is the highest selling console.

So how do Nintendo solve the riddle, well they can’t necessarily solve it like a maths equation all they can do is take steps in the right direction to rectify and attract those who in the early years of the Wii’s lifespan were ignored for the attraction that was the casual expanded audience. I will try to outline the steps that Nintendo should investigate and take measures to attain these goals.
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Well guys as promised here is my Friend Codes, I’m only gonna give the important ones. The Conduit and my Wii System Code. Well the Wii system number because a lot of games are beginning to import friends from that so, do the maths 😉

The Conduit:

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As another note I may as well add my GamerTag while were all here, it’s not hard to guess, WeemanCom.  That’s it, WeemanCom, I’m very original aren’t I 😉

If you add me, well make sure to leave your respective info in the comments section below, I wonder if I will get any bites here…

Video Standards Council and PEGI logo's

Video Standards Council and PEGI logo's

Well the simple answer to this is the same as always. The Video Standards Council (VSC) is the body behind which will enforce and have the power to enforce the ban on video games that do not receive a rating for retail. I have contacted the VSC for information and Laurie Hall gave me the following statement;
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Granted throughout my blog i have mentioned Michael Pachter once or twice, maybe more. But this is due to the fact that he is a representative of the industry, not through development but through his research and analysis work at Wedbush Morgan Securities. As an industry analyst it is Michaels job to know the industry inside out and provide reliable information to his employers as well as their consumers, on the sideline he is an analyst that regulars on GTTV with Geoff Keighley, to provide his unique insight to the future of the industry.

Michael PAchter on GTTV

Michael Pachter on GTTV

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Sorry folks, well the small number of you who take your time to come here and read this blog.
I will be sitting an exam in the next 2 weeks for my degree, and need to concentrate on it for a while. So I will be taking time and studying my damnedest! But don’t worry too much, I have ideas for more updates in the future and I am also working through email to try and bring either exclusive information or explanation of industry developments.

See you all soon!

Well RawMeatCowboy (RMC) from GoNintendo definitely started something here!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nintendo had someone like Major Nelson, the voice of the Xbox fanboys? Nelson definitely has his pulse on the fan community of Microsoft’s Xbox division, and Microsoft seems to think that having this community element is extremely important. When it comes to Nintendo, we really don’t get that sort of thing. I’d love to see the Big N have a figurehead that kept closely in touch with the legions of Nintendo die-hards out there. –

Larry Hryb - Major Nelson
Now I have mentioned before that I would love Nintendo to have their very own Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb but this was more in terms of his handling of their online sevices in the same vein of how Larry handles Xbox LIVE.
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