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For those who may or may not notice the interview below, maybe this post title will attract you to read said Interview Blog Post

And on my blog I posted about how the BBC commented on Nintendo releasing a Video on Demand Framework, would the 4oD team be actively going out to get this development platform to play with and hopefully build some sort of alpha version of a 4oD Wii player to test it’s viability?

> > We are actively exploring the opportunity in extending to new devices. That means that the business people are looking at them on the one hand and the tech team on the other hand. Behind the scenes the tech team has already been tinkering.

Ok well it’s not certainly set in stone to be coming but there’s no harm in wishful thinking. But the fact remains that they are exploring the opportunities, I don’t see the proposition to gain more revenue through advertising streams as something the network 4 will want to miss out on!


So as my blog has exploded with activity over searched for 4oD on Wii possibilities (688 hits over 2 1/2 months for a single blog on 4oD!), I decided to hunt down the man in charge Richard Davidson-Houston and try to persuade him to give me a few words on 4oD’s console future, thing is Richard was more than happy to speak to you the gamers who want the services they provide on your system.

So click through for more!
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Well I was originally planning on doing a video on this, maybe I will in the future but I thought it would be good to finally have time to write about it and update this blog.
The BBC iPlayer is everything I was expecting and then some, but still it has me wanting for more from the beeb in services. While the iPlayer channel does everything that the website does in a much smoother and a higher quality than the website was able to provide to the Wii through it’s Opera (internet) Channel, there were a couple of features run by the iPlayer tech that were external to the official website that I was hoping for implementation.
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Well I thought out of curiosity to email channel 4 concerning their 4oD service. To me this is the 2nd most viewed online television catch-up service next to the BBC iPlayer followed by Demand5 (FIVE tv). Seeing as many UK citizens use the BBC service on the Wii and it caused a mass panic when the service outed due to the browser upgrade, I wonder how many of you would be interested in using the 4oD service on the Wii.
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Well the beeb dont seem to be terribly interested in resolving the outstanding issue with the BBC iPlayer and the upgraded Opera players flash capabilities. It wasn’t that long ago the iPlayer team were making comments about working with Nintendo and Opera and lobbying them to upgrade this so they can provide a better stream for its consumers!

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