Well the beeb dont seem to be terribly interested in resolving the outstanding issue with the BBC iPlayer and the upgraded Opera players flash capabilities. It wasn’t that long ago the iPlayer team were making comments about working with Nintendo and Opera and lobbying them to upgrade this so they can provide a better stream for its consumers!

The BBC have a message board system for technical issues and of course there is a thread concerning this issue. The only sort of official comment within the thread is on the first page after 7 comments from Jon – iPlayer Host which reads;


We’ve passed this onto the team to look into.


Great service or what, from this thread there have been several complaints about the service page of the iPlayer not being updated to notify of current issues when using the Wii browser to access the iPlayer. This has spawned a second thread to ask for updates on the service, this message board post can be found here. Reason why I am linking these threads is, I hope some of you will go to these threads, and comment, whether that means creating an account as many have done so in the initial thread.
The first thread has now grown to 42 comments, that’s a further 34 comments on the situation since Jon – iPlayer Host’s comment, no official release, no status updates, nothing. A little word from the beeb on this situation would go a long way to alleviate fears that this may turn into a long-term service outage.

Well since were on the subject of internet web based players, would it not be worthwhile for users of these services to write en-mass to them to allow access from the Wii to them. In the UK alone, I can list;

ITV Player
Demand Five
UPlayer (Ulster Television)

I tested these out on my Wii a mere few minutes ago and though some of the pages load a bit of flash content, none of them allow you to view videos as the player doesn’t load, also I don’t know why but the ITV Player page (or main website) doesn’t load at all bar text links. It would be nice to have more content to access through the Wii browser, and these sort of services are ideal as they are the type of content that I would want to watch through my television. Maybe a bit of cooperation from Nintendo with these content providers could go a long long way!