The BBC have now updated their FAQ’s with the following;

Why am I unable to view BBC iPlayer on my Nintendo Wii?

The latest Nintendo Wii software upgrade has caused BBC iPlayer to stop working. Users that have not upgraded can continue to use the BBC iPlayer website.

We are currently investigating and hope to resolve the issues with the BBC iPlayer website. Later this year we will be launching all-new BBC iPlayer designed specifically for the Wii.

When further information is available, we’ll update this FAQ. You can either return to this page later to check for an update, or you can request an update by clicking the ‘FAQ Updates’ option below if you currently use RSS (Really Simple Syndication – a way of getting the latest content from a website as soon as it is published, without you having to visit the site repeatedly to check for updates). If you’ve never used RSS before, please visit the Feed Factory to find out how to do so.

Hopefully this means that they will temporarily fix the service to allow the player to work with the new browser, but the “all new” browser is very interesting!


Embedded players for the iPlayer within the BBC main website work with the Wii Browser