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Well sorry about this past few weeks, this time I disappeared without a warning. It couldn’t have been helped my laptop exploded. Well it sparked and smoked a lot. I cracked this badboy open and investigated and what i found was that the power inlet board had fried, literally.

Power inlet board {fried} Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi1536

Power inlet board {fried} Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi1536

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I know a lot of people out there love to speculate what new consoles and handhelds in gaming will look like.  MANY concept artists have been out there with their simply amazing designs but not one has ever come close to what the real device’s are revealed to look like.  This is mainly due to their outlandish nature in design, going to the nth degree and further into realms of design that aren’t manufacturable.

One graphic artist I’ve came across in the past is Javier Segovia, a Spaniard from Sevilla whose specialities are Illustration, Art Direction, 3-D Modeling. You can visit his Coroflot profile by clicking this sentence.
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The BBC have now updated their FAQ’s with the following;

Why am I unable to view BBC iPlayer on my Nintendo Wii?

The latest Nintendo Wii software upgrade has caused BBC iPlayer to stop working. Users that have not upgraded can continue to use the BBC iPlayer website.

We are currently investigating and hope to resolve the issues with the BBC iPlayer website. Later this year we will be launching all-new BBC iPlayer designed specifically for the Wii.

When further information is available, we’ll update this FAQ. You can either return to this page later to check for an update, or you can request an update by clicking the ‘FAQ Updates’ option below if you currently use RSS (Really Simple Syndication – a way of getting the latest content from a website as soon as it is published, without you having to visit the site repeatedly to check for updates). If you’ve never used RSS before, please visit the Feed Factory to find out how to do so.

Hopefully this means that they will temporarily fix the service to allow the player to work with the new browser, but the “all new” browser is very interesting!


Embedded players for the iPlayer within the BBC main website work with the Wii Browser

Well the beeb dont seem to be terribly interested in resolving the outstanding issue with the BBC iPlayer and the upgraded Opera players flash capabilities. It wasn’t that long ago the iPlayer team were making comments about working with Nintendo and Opera and lobbying them to upgrade this so they can provide a better stream for its consumers!

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Well a lot has been said about the conduit, but its hard to begin, I’ve never written a review of a game but this isn’t supposed to be one.

The Conduit was a game that I had been looking forward to for a long time, it was the sort of game I have wanted to play on Wii since it’s release. The build up to it was long and HVS did a great job of keeping the game in the public eye during its development. We were promised a lot of things by Eric Nofsinger, he seemed to have tapped into what the Wii core wanted and was telling them that HE was going to deliver, but did he?

Eric Nofsinger with Cliff Bleszinski

Eric Nofsinger with Cliff Bleszinski

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Below is the press release from Nintendo of Europe, Link

1 September, 2009 – From today, anyone can now access the Wii Internet Channel for free*, allowing many more households to get online via Wii.
By connecting your Wii to the Internet, you’ll open your living room up to a world of possibilities! The Wii-specialised web browser enables people to connect wirelessly to the Internet then surf, shop or even watch online catch-up TV services via their console.
The fast-booting Internet browser will create a new relationship between the family, the TV, and the Internet. This Channel uses the full Internet browser from Opera Software, which also supports Adobe Flash.
Surfing the web with the Wii Remote is simple for the whole family. It lets you zoom in on areas of interest with ease and browse your favourite websites at leisure.

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