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Well tonight is the premier of the E and J Showcase for Feile FM in Belfast Northern Ireland. The hosts of the Show are Eamonn Loughlin (local music aficionado) and Junior Johnson (singer songwriter and winner of L.A. Music Awards Folk Artist of the year 2006 for his song, The Fireside) and their show is designed to be the Soundboard of Local Talent, mostly of which will be unsigned muscial artists trying to find their audience.

So if this is of interest to you listen in every week at 7pm GMT, you can do so by tuning into using the radio in the Belfast area to 103.2FM or by going to and the instructions are there to listen live from your computer anywhere in the world!

So listen in and enjoy!

You can also follow E and J on Facebook and Twitter

Well my all time favourite musician, Garth Brooks has officially announced he is out of retirement. This news makes me soo excited! Below is the report from

Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement, he announced Thursday morning (Oct. 15) during a press conference at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. He provided the confirmation just hours before a larger press conference taking place at 4 p.m. ET.

While not mentioning any specific city or venue, it has been widely reported that the 47-year-old entertainer will perform an extended engagement at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Following the announcement in Nashville, Brooks shuttled approximately 40 members of the news media to the Nashville International Airport for a private flight to an undisclosed location for the afternoon press conference.

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Well thanks to a friend from IGN I have now got my own Last.FM profile! This service voids the need for music on any internet connected computer. Now all I have to worry about is having my music to bring with me on my iPod Nano and then stick on Last.FM when I get home. Ohh life is soo much easier now!

Im adding my profile link to the side here, but also a link is here for you!

For those who weren’t following my twitter feed while I was away last weekend, here is a link to my Flickr photos uploaded for Twitter.

Oxegen Sign Inflated

Have fun perusing my images, I’m sorry I didn’t get more, I will be uploading my videos to Youtube soon enough and maybe sometime soon I will reflect on my time and write a short blog about how great the experience was!

NOTE: Hey I’m back, Oxegen was everything I expected and then some. Met some great people, an amazing girl, and had the time of my life. I look forward until next year, if I can go as it is an overly expensive trip. I think I’ve fully recovered, I have completed the story mode of ‘The Conduit’ and I will do a new post soon enough with my friend code for those who want it. Now onto the blog

So many of us if not all of us could point out what’s wrong with Nintendo’s online friends system, and yet remain quite pushed hard to find what’s right about it. The biggest problem is the friend code system, where we were promised before the launch of the system that the codes that plagued the DS’s online would be less of a burden with the Wii. We were promised that once systems are linked using the consoles friend code all subsequent games will be able to link without further codes, yet almost 3 years into the consoles life cycle you can use one hand to count the games that allow this, The Conduit and Mario Kart being the 2 that I have personal experience of.

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Guys if you read my blog THANKS A MILLION, love the lot of ya, just wish I could discuss your opinions on what I babble on about within the comments! So get to it :p

But I’m firing a warning shot now, this coming Thursday at 6a.m BST I will be heading off to the green pastures of a field somewhere down near Punchestown Co. Kildare Ireland. Im going down south :p
Oxegen 09 music festival is a GO!

So I will be gone from then and will return Monday morning to recover!
What will I be doing while at the festival? Well I’ll leave that to your imagination but what I can tell you is that I have figured out a way to update my Twitter feed from my mobile phone with photos along with normal posting.

So keep your eyes peeled at for my updates in the future. There should be some hilarious pictures and many drunken antics to be shared with all over the wonders of the internet.


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