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Hey just a quick note about me changing the ratings style on this blog, from using the stars to thumbs up or down. Yeah from using the new style on youtube, I much prefer it than stars and it gives a much clearer image on whether people like something or not!

Yes I’m prepared to accept that this will get more thumbs down than up for this post, but trust me I’ve been preparing a couple of blog pieces but have just hit a writers block on them. I’m trying to improve my writing styles and whatnot.

Please if you are prepared to do it, go back and rate my previous blogs with thumbs up or down, I’ll probably replace the icons with my own custom ones soon.

So the new PEGI ratings brand will be on products by summer.  If you haven’t been following the whole dialema PEGI have been going through a number of re-designs of their ratings to make them more appealing as the single rating board for videogames.  Their final re-design has been confirmed to be in production already and through manufacture time scales should be in stores by the summer.

“We are very happy with this result. The best system won in the end. PEGI was always designed from the outset for games. PEGI is able to react to the games industry – legislation and other systems just don’t move that fast. We authorized publishers to start using the symbols as of last week – it obviously takes a while for them to work through the manufacturing system, but those new ratings will be seen in shops by the end of the summer.” – ISFE boss Simon Little

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David Yarnton, UK General Manager, Nintendo, said: “The Government has made the right decision. The PEGI age rating system is right for the protection of children as it is designed specifically for games and interactive content.

“As a global company we welcome the decision as mature and intelligent as it works across some 30 international territories.“Rob Cooper, Managing Director, Ubisoft UK, said: “The adoption of PEGI as the rating system for games is a good decision. The PEGI system is future-proof, delivering effective child protection now and in the future. PEGI Online is a key component of the system, ensuring that the government does not have to re-assess the entire system once again in 12 months time.”

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