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Well taking a page out of NoE’s online capabilities advertisements, it should go as the following;

*camera pans in on family watching Netflix through the Wii*

Father figure speaks up: I was browsing my instant cue online then noticed on the Netflix an advertisement about the Wii.
I checked it out and discovered that I can now watch Netflix through my Wii, so I ordered the free activation disk.

*camera feed shows father inserting disk into Wii and activating the channel from the menu*

Father: After a quick 2 minute setup it was ready to start watching anything from my netflix subscription on my TV. What a better way to enjoy my shows on my home TV!

*camera feed shows family all laughing and enjoying family centred content from Netflix*

Screen goes white and starts the PSA from the soft voiced female refreshing the information on where to go and how to order.

Welcome to my first “Quick Note”.

I was just thinking that Nintendo should really pay for a 3rd party developer to create an exclusive game for their system. Maybe they will wait for a more horsepower grunt from the next console/handheld. But they should pay for an exclusive trying to not “nintendo-ise” the game too much and let the developer create it at such a depth and detail that competing console owners will wish it was on their system.

Well my most anticipated game this year has received a due date, Summer 2010, If you cannot guess from that and the title of this post its Team Ninjas’ take on the Metroid universe with Metroid: OtherM.

We have already seen the E3 trailer for OtherM, so from this we can already derive that it has an epic feel to the game, but also it showed 3 distinct styles of video throughout, one we could see ingame footage, then we could also see in-game cut scenes. But what really stood out is the CGI throughout, this I believe is all designed by a 3rd company working with Nintendo and Team Ninja, called D-Rockets. They are a purely about (as defined on their website);

Creat[ing] high-quality and constantly evolving movies and graphic expressions to mesmerize the viewer-the end result is movie magic. This is what we strive for at D-Rockets. This is our creative concept.

The actual CG creation and visual composites, etc., are handled not at our head office in Southern Aoyama but at the Digital Factory where we have access to the latest equipment and technology. Currently, our rockets are blasting off creating content for television commercials, promotional videos, high-end game cinematics, and the like.

CG (D-Rockets)

I firmly expect that OtherM will be a deep and rely heavily on story, more so that that involved in the Prime series, so to me what is the better way to do this? The game element is acting out certain situations, but to know what’s going on it all cut scenes. I don’t think that Nintendo will allow such a company as D-Rockets to go to waste in using them for just the starting and ending cut scenes but rather use their CG scenes through out for long transitions in story throughout the game. Short cut scenes will be handled completely by those working on the game itself using the game engine, but these scenes would only occur mid chapter.

This may sound confusing to you, as it seems confusing to me in my head but for those of you who have stuck with this, I commend you for sticking with my madness. The amount of detail and story in this game, I hope would highly increase the games duration. To me I’m thinking this game deserves the Metal Gear Solid 4 treatment with the storytelling, maybe not the hour long cut scenes but the same split in game play and cinematic.

This game will be deep, and we can expect to learn a lot more about the Metroid universe than ever before. Maybe we will encounter throughout the game the Beginning and the Beginning of the End…

Well the BBC iPlayer is officially 2 months old today, so lets see how things have shaped up since my last usage stats update a month ago!

Following my own logic for this data from last time. There are:
(263,536 / 4.16)

63350 (rounded) users reporting data on the BBC iPlayer channel. Each one viewing the channel for 4+ hours on average, this is a MAJOR jump in users and average usage time. With each user increasing the amount of times they’ve used the iPlayer from 2.92 times to 3.75 times.

My own personal usage of the channel has massively increased to a total of 22Hr(s) 17Min(s), and it has been booted 11 times, this is due to the fact that even more great content keeps getting added and has the convenience of I get to watch the television I want whenever I want (before it expires :p)

After the jump some record breaking news from the BBC about the iPlayer
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