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For those who weren’t following my twitter feed while I was away last weekend, here is a link to my Flickr photos uploaded for Twitter.

Oxegen Sign Inflated

Have fun perusing my images, I’m sorry I didn’t get more, I will be uploading my videos to Youtube soon enough and maybe sometime soon I will reflect on my time and write a short blog about how great the experience was!

Guys if you read my blog THANKS A MILLION, love the lot of ya, just wish I could discuss your opinions on what I babble on about within the comments! So get to it :p

But I’m firing a warning shot now, this coming Thursday at 6a.m BST I will be heading off to the green pastures of a field somewhere down near Punchestown Co. Kildare Ireland. Im going down south :p
Oxegen 09 music festival is a GO!

So I will be gone from then and will return Monday morning to recover!
What will I be doing while at the festival? Well I’ll leave that to your imagination but what I can tell you is that I have figured out a way to update my Twitter feed from my mobile phone with photos along with normal posting.

So keep your eyes peeled at for my updates in the future. There should be some hilarious pictures and many drunken antics to be shared with all over the wonders of the internet.


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