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Well im a little late with this, but starting a new job does have its side effects…
Unfortunately this isn’t my impressions post of said channel, but they are coming soon. I was for trying to make a video, but that was put on hold due to my desire to have an intro screen to the videos I post on my youtube channel that are to be associated with this blog. Weeman’s Video Splurge

I will post an impressions/review of the channel soon, if you would like to request certain informative videos on the channel please do so in the comments below!


Seriously, that is AWESOME!
I should shop around for it, I wonder if Sainsburys still have it for £26, mmmmm…

Well after finding out about the BBC iPlayer channel coming to the Wii I decided to look out for some information on this.
Well didn’t I step onto a nice juicy bit of info, for those of you hoping for a VoD service to come to your very own region, well I personally don’t think it will be too long until something comes along. Can I hear Netflix somewhere in the shadows?

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The Wii is getting a tailor made channel for the BBC iPlayer, all relevant information is in the video above.
All I can say is, it’s about bloomin time!

Now lets just wait for other TV stations to join in the fun.

BTW… 1 million viewers a day on iPlayer, well that would equal a LOT of revenue for the TV stations that do advertise!

For more info please go here:
Click through for images showing the channel in work.
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As you should know by now if you have been reading my blog, I firmly believe that Nintendo will announce a new handheld device this incoming year, 2010. To me it feels like the right time to move on from the DS hardware, with the slowing sales as nearly everyone and their grandparents have one, the look of the software is also starting to look incredibly outdated to me. I love the DS and its abilities but I do yearn for more from the system to have a bit of flair in the art design.

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Well i seem to be not having much luck with my laptop these days, but I can’t blame it too much as it is almost 5 years old if memory serves me correctly. What’s happened now is my keyboard stopped working, maybe its due to the drink that was poured on it but who knows :P, so i finally resorted to ripping out the keyboard and plugging in a USB keyboard after failing to fix/clean the old one.

But what I thought I’d do with this post is promote 2 youtube videos that have been made for Super Mario Galaxy, they simply are fantastic. While doing this it will help me figure out how youtube embedding will work on this blog. So if it all goes right you should view 2 videos after the jump.
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