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This is just fucking disgusting!

How do you all think this will achieve something or make yourselves look like intellectual beings?

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So has everyone finally got their Sega Trinity?

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David Yarnton, UK General Manager, Nintendo, said: “The Government has made the right decision. The PEGI age rating system is right for the protection of children as it is designed specifically for games and interactive content.

“As a global company we welcome the decision as mature and intelligent as it works across some 30 international territories.“Rob Cooper, Managing Director, Ubisoft UK, said: “The adoption of PEGI as the rating system for games is a good decision. The PEGI system is future-proof, delivering effective child protection now and in the future. PEGI Online is a key component of the system, ensuring that the government does not have to re-assess the entire system once again in 12 months time.”

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Well a while back I was searching through The Conduits promotional website ( for new videos, pictures and information. Through doing this I also had to decipher the new Drudge symbols that are associated directly to the english alphabet. Well from a little help with the already decoded messages on I was able to further develop my list to have every drudge symbol next to the alphabet.

drudge symbols
(yes that is my crappy hand writing there)

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Nintendo pioneered the move for console manufacturers to rethink control designs with the Wii remote. This was quickly and somewhat unashamedly ripped off my Sony with the Six Axis controller, we have Microsoft heavily hinted to release their new control scheme at E3 (you can read more about this in my previous blog). We have Tony Hawk’s RIDE coming soon for a rumoured $120 that includes a motion sensing board controller which is the only control option. It leaves me thinking, what about the other component of the Wii Remote.

Tony Hawk - Ride

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