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So just for laughs I thought I would shoot off a “small” email to High Voltage Software about their upcoming game, ‘The Grinder’. It was generally about my thoughts on the IGN E3 walkthrough on Youtube. Well I’ll let you guys read what I sent to HVS;


I’ve been thinking about the grinder and how awesome the whole game appears.
I have a couple of thoughts that I’d like to share these thoughts with you guys if your willing to listen, which I know you are 😀

Well first off, The Slasher, great character, i dont think its been done before in all honesty. A thought though, as the influence is Jason, maybe after so long of a pursuit without out-running him mid attack he could disappear (of course when not on screen) This would give the impression of throughout the game it is the single same Slasher that pursuits you. In the IGN live demo i could help to see the slasher still trying to attack you from the high office within the warehouse while the battle with the first werewolf was happening, it kinda gave the opinion that he isnt so formidable if he cant climb and jump down to the floor like the player did. And the influence of Jason leaves me hoping of a Freddy Krueger style/armed foe that possibly crawls about like the lickers from Resident Evil/Voldo from Soul Calibur.
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Nintendo pioneered the move for console manufacturers to rethink control designs with the Wii remote. This was quickly and somewhat unashamedly ripped off my Sony with the Six Axis controller, we have Microsoft heavily hinted to release their new control scheme at E3 (you can read more about this in my previous blog). We have Tony Hawk’s RIDE coming soon for a rumoured $120 that includes a motion sensing board controller which is the only control option. It leaves me thinking, what about the other component of the Wii Remote.

Tony Hawk - Ride

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