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Well my all time favourite musician, Garth Brooks has officially announced he is out of retirement. This news makes me soo excited! Below is the report from

Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement, he announced Thursday morning (Oct. 15) during a press conference at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. He provided the confirmation just hours before a larger press conference taking place at 4 p.m. ET.

While not mentioning any specific city or venue, it has been widely reported that the 47-year-old entertainer will perform an extended engagement at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Following the announcement in Nashville, Brooks shuttled approximately 40 members of the news media to the Nashville International Airport for a private flight to an undisclosed location for the afternoon press conference.

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Hey well Arc System are releasing BlazBlue in Europe soon enough and they are holding a competition at the NeoGaf to find the possible cover art for the games release.
I of course wanted to flex my hand at trying to design a cover art, using official art and my novice photoshop skills I came up with the following.

My BlazBlue Cover Art

My BlazBlue Cover Art

Please go to this thread ( and vote for me.

Well that’s if you like my Blazblue cover art. Pick your top 3 and list them accordingly, if you like mine I would love your vote.

My cover is listed No.30 in the submitted covers.
I designed mine specifically as a cover art, not some commissioned art piece, but a cover intended to attract the eye of the European consumer to purchase the game.

Well I thought out of curiosity to email channel 4 concerning their 4oD service. To me this is the 2nd most viewed online television catch-up service next to the BBC iPlayer followed by Demand5 (FIVE tv). Seeing as many UK citizens use the BBC service on the Wii and it caused a mass panic when the service outed due to the browser upgrade, I wonder how many of you would be interested in using the 4oD service on the Wii.
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Well out of the blue arrives into everyone’s world with some information if falsified to hoax people it is an incredibly well thought out, researched and time consuming con. A person by the name of TapionVsLink has created a blog and contacted many media sources with their information.

GPGPU Neural Network Diagram

GPGPU Neural Network Diagram

They claim that the Wii GPU is in fact a GPGPU, this is the first instance in which I have come across GPGPU’s all of the associated tech is quite baffling to me.
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Nintendo may announce a model change for its DS handheld video-game players in June next year, triggering an improvement in the company’s earnings

This can be construed like some reporting outlets have as a DSi like enhancement to the system for a small time gain in sales that happened in similar revisions in the past with both the DSlite and DSi. But as I have personally commentated on I firmly believe this as an expectation of a new handheld device coming from Nintendo to replace the DS. Announced in 2003 and released in 2004 the DS has now been on the market for almost 5 years, if this announcement goes down in June or anytime during 2010 the likely release date will be late 2010 going into 2011 or later, this would mean that the DS has been available of more than 6 years. For comparison sake the Gameboy advance launched in 2001, through 2 redesigns (SP and Micro) the Advance was available on market for 3 years before another device was launched and was available for sale on market up until 2006 if my memory serves me correct.
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Well doesn’t that sound like a nirvana! Or so they are trying to convince Real Time Worlds of…

I’m a little late in discussing this but Ireland’s Sir Gerry Robinson at a Global Irish Economic Forum convened in Dublin a few weekends ago urged Ireland’s government to consider actively targeting the thriving games companies in Scotland through a 5 year tax holiday.  A 5 year tax holiday to companies fitting into the games industry would be a huge bait to development studios to locate in Ireland.
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On the 18-9-09 I made this short video on the current abilities of the Wii browser and the iPlayer.  Since then I haven’t checked out whether the issues have been fixed.  But saying as my laptop at the time was Bamjaxed, I uploaded this using my dad’s computer, but unfortunately couldn’t access my blog through it…

…weird I know but passwords evade me 😛

Well I guess this should be the promt for me to go and check the player out now…

…maybe tomorrow 😀

Well saying as some of the readers of this blog, I know your there I can track the views per day 😛 saying as you all seem to be shy to comment on what I’m discussing or trying to discuss I’ve now switched on a rating system.

These things are fairly commonplace on the internet these days, so please if you like a blog post that I make give it a rating. I would use the thumbs up, thumbs down style rating but I just don’t like the look of the icons, the stars look ohh so much nicer. The way I will read it, average above 2.5 stars people liked it, average below 2.5 people didn’t like the post and I will kick my ass into shape to produce better material!

Some of you may not or may know that I am Irish, I live in a small town in Northern Ireland just above lough neigh. So instead of saying thank you once you have voted, I’ve changed it to the gaeilge version 😉


Well we have all seen it out there in the consumer space, time and time again, “get your latest toys from {generic store name} like the all new Nintendo DSi/Wii”. It struck me vividly with the new UK retailers Argos advert about being the UK’s largest toy retailer, and their focus of the advert is Nintendo.

But why is it that Nintendo consoles are the only ones relegated to “Toy” status while the PS3 and 360 are electronics devices/media hubs?
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