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Well guys as promised here is my Friend Codes, I’m only gonna give the important ones. The Conduit and my Wii System Code. Well the Wii system number because a lot of games are beginning to import friends from that so, do the maths 😉

The Conduit:

Wii System Friend Code:

As another note I may as well add my GamerTag while were all here, it’s not hard to guess, WeemanCom.  That’s it, WeemanCom, I’m very original aren’t I 😉

If you add me, well make sure to leave your respective info in the comments section below, I wonder if I will get any bites here…

NOTE: Hey I’m back, Oxegen was everything I expected and then some. Met some great people, an amazing girl, and had the time of my life. I look forward until next year, if I can go as it is an overly expensive trip. I think I’ve fully recovered, I have completed the story mode of ‘The Conduit’ and I will do a new post soon enough with my friend code for those who want it. Now onto the blog

So many of us if not all of us could point out what’s wrong with Nintendo’s online friends system, and yet remain quite pushed hard to find what’s right about it. The biggest problem is the friend code system, where we were promised before the launch of the system that the codes that plagued the DS’s online would be less of a burden with the Wii. We were promised that once systems are linked using the consoles friend code all subsequent games will be able to link without further codes, yet almost 3 years into the consoles life cycle you can use one hand to count the games that allow this, The Conduit and Mario Kart being the 2 that I have personal experience of.

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