I know a lot of people out there love to speculate what new consoles and handhelds in gaming will look like.  MANY concept artists have been out there with their simply amazing designs but not one has ever come close to what the real device’s are revealed to look like.  This is mainly due to their outlandish nature in design, going to the nth degree and further into realms of design that aren’t manufacturable.

One graphic artist I’ve came across in the past is Javier Segovia, a Spaniard from Sevilla whose specialities are Illustration, Art Direction, 3-D Modeling. You can visit his Coroflot profile by clicking this sentence.

Two sets of work that Javier has done that really impressed me were titled Game stillBoy and reNES.

reNES as you can see above is a more appealing current day look to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, with Game stillBoy being the same but albeit Gameboy Pocket inspired redesign.

Now it would very much appeal to me for Javier to look at design trends of Nintendo lately and find inspiration to design the successors to the current generation of consoles, for I firmly believe that he could pull an outlandish design as well but maybe offer a more realistic tone with the design and possibility for reality.
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